Featured Artist of the Month

Georgia Martin is our Current Featured Artist of the Month! Now through the end of February you can see her work displayed upstairs in the Coos Art Museum, or at the Artists' Loft, in Coos Bay, OR.

Her Biography:

I have always called myself a self taught artist. Sketching and making paper dolls as a child and continued to enjoy doing art during my school years. During my junior in high school I was encouraged to major in art when I attended college. Thinking about what influenced me to appreciate music and art etc. I remember going to concerts and art museums and galleries. My family valued their culture and encouraged me to do the same. Both sets of grandparents were from countries in Europe so I became exposed to many cultures and language.

As the years went by and I went to college and nursing school I did not do much with my art work. Having a profession and children I left my creative interests on hold. 
When I retired at seventy  I took watercolor workshops and classes here in Coos Bay. I had always been drawn to watercolor painting when I visited a gallery. It was a challenging media, but I was enjoying every minute of learning.
I am a member of Bay Area Artist Association and am a member of the Artist Loft where I show my paintings there. I took a leave from painting for a time due to an illness that caused a tremor. Happy to say I have started to paint again and it is a joy to use my creative ability once more.
Art to me is using my creative self, expressing my perception of the world around me. It allows me to enjoy the process regardless of the finished art work as I have learned something. I have a love of nature and the beauty that is present everywhere.