March 2024 General Meeting Recap

March 2024 General Meeting Recap

Figure Drawing Workshop
March 17th, 2024

Figure Drawing Workshop on St Patrick’s Day, Sunday, March 17th
The session for this month’s creative workshop was attended by at least 15 or more artists, who had a wonderful time drawing and painting from local researcher, historian and author, Sandy Kretzschmar, who modeled for us dressed as a Roman matron, in a flowing aqua-blue gown with sandals, veil and gold jewelry. Her writing and research about Rome and the daughter of Emperor Augustus Caesar, Julia, a fascinating historical figure, was the inspiration, and she modeled with ease, holding several 20 minute
poses, like a pro.

The Program Chair Shinan Barclay, decked out in full St. Patrick’s Day regalia, had a fun “break the ice” activity, which got everyone talking. Then Wendy Whitaker did an excellent job demonstrating how to
loosen up with a few 30 second gesture poses, aptly modeled by Sandy’s willing husband. After that, the poses were timed by Wendy, with 10 minutes, then a 20 minute pose, and after the break, another 20 minute pose. Sandy showed great rapport with the group, continuing to hold her last pose even after the timer went off, as she noticed that some of us were still focused on our work.

Chatting with our model after the session, I was quite surprised to learn that she had never posed for a group before! I was also impressed to learn that she is in the final stages of a book that is both personal and historical which revolves around the life and (somewhat scandalous) affairs of the daughter of Augustus Caesar with whom she feels a deep psychic connection. To find out more about Sandy’s
writing, you may visit her website at

Evaluations were handed out to all attendees, and the consensus seemed to be “more time to draw”, but the excitement in the room was palpable, so a great time was had by all! Some of us would like to do this type of clothed figure drawing session more often, so if you are perhaps interested in being part of a monthly group, please contact Wendy Whitaker at, or Christine Hanlon at to discuss it. Thanks to all who attended!

Submitted by Christine Hanlon

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