Let's Make Posters for BAAA

Let's Make Posters for BAAA

April 2024 General Meeting Recap

April 21st brought beautiful blue skies and the BAAA monthly meeting. I actually wanted to stay home and work outside in the lovely weather, fearing the return of the monsoons, but I knew Shinan was going to present an interesting program. She always does, and this time was no exception.

The subject was how to create a poster. That sounds simple, but there are multiple steps and multiple guidelines to present a successful poster.

We are all acquainted with the concept of color being the most potent and powerful means of drawing attention, which of course, is the very point of a poster. Shinon provided paper, etc, and all we needed to start our own project.

She also had samples on the wall for us to observe other peoples ideas and completed posters. Surprisingly, there were good examples and some not so great, but that's a great teaching tool. She, who I will call " Hats Barclay" from here on in, as she always has a noteworthy chapeau, this time a bright pink baseball hat lined with a shimmering bank of rhinestones. Very ooo lal la. So, she told stories and made us laugh and we learned that the old standby What When Where and Why were as pertinent as they ever were in the writing world. Add color and there you are. You have a poster.

A great deal of thought and effort goes into coming up with a project every single month and " Hats" is up to the challenge. I look forward to what she will present next month.

Article submitted by Nan Forsberg-Hammond

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