Jan 2024 General Meeting Recap

Jan 2024 General Meeting Recap

January 21, 2024

A childlike sense of happy accomplishment, “I did it” filled the CAM classroom. Nan Hammons created a humorous monkey eating pears storybook. She had noticed a painting of pears on the Show-N-Tell shelf and that had inspired her. “It’s interesting how creativity happens.” Wendi Burger made a fascinating cat and tail story. Jim Davenport drew cute cartoons, a “Bunny in the Snow.” Rabbit ears and tail showed, as the reader’s imagination created snow. One couple each wrote appreciation booklets about the other. People learn in different ways. Several members took the booklet prototype apart, yet couldn’t get it back together. One woman confessed to not being able to follow the list of written directions. Another laid out the booklet prototype and then created a map: “Front, Back, Pg. 3,”for her booklet. Some struggled with heavy watercolor paper and found it necessary to first, “score” the paper.

Writing a book or booklet is a task to feel proud of. The energy in the room was positive, happy, and creative. People learned and accomplished a creative act —turning a single piece of paper into an eight-page booklet. Many had written their first book, and their inner child glowed through. The energy in the room bubbled with happiness and creativity. Another successful program for BAAA.

Submitted by Shinan “Shazam” Barclay,
BAAA Program Chair, 2023-24

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