May kicks of Artisan Market Season!!

May kicks of Artisan Market Season!!

Market Season is HERE!

The Perspective eNewsletter's goal is to spread the word about all events art related in our South Oregon coastal region from Gardiner to Brookings. This typically applies to gallery happenings and art receptions but this spring we want to shed a little light on the bustling local Artisan Market Scene! 

We’re so excited to share insight from a well known real estate broker, event organizer, and community/ local advocate on the southern Oregon coast, Alexis Willick. She has been heavily involved with the Coos and Curry county communities and has made it her mission to help others, support artisans, and encourages buying locally from farmers, ranchers, and artists on the southern Oregon coast and beyond. Alexis understands the importance of community and thrives on creating welcoming atmospheres to gather people together ~ in order to strengthen community connections. This love for community and her willingness to help others transfers into real estate and really, all that she does.

In terms of participating as a vendor at an Artisan Market, Alexis says, “participating as a vendor at an event or artisan market is a wonderful idea, for more reasons than just making a sale. If you show up with an aesthetically pleasing display and have put time and attention to detail into what you’ve created, that’s great and also step one! But if you show up with the mindset that you are there to make a real human connection, get to know others, and are interested in asking meaningful questions to individuals that pass by.. it’s likely that your going to exceed your own expectations as far as sales go and make connections that offer you great opportunities in the future. If you’re passionate about what you do, follow the advice above, and you have a quality over quantity approach ~ you have the ability to thrive.”

Alexis first got into event organization after having a meeting (on a whim) with a local event venue about hosting a one time pop up market inside a rustic and charming space (filled with twinkle lights, original hardwood floors, and a cozy fireplace). The idea was ~ host a high quality, juried market that featured farm to table offerings and locally made goods from southern Oregon one weekend in the winter. This idea sprouted because it was during a time where none of us were getting human connection, supporting local, etc .. I’m sure you can guess when that was! She asked for permission to post on the event venues social media, asking if the community wanted an indoor market ~ just to see. Well, hundreds of people responded, direct messages were overwhelming because there were so many … and the answer was a resounding YES! So, the journey of event organization started and that “one time” idea has lead to hosting many events on the southern Oregon coast. One thing about Alexis Willick, is that when she has an idea, she follows through and makes the leap. We encourage you to do the same in your business ventures, as you never know where it could lead.

If you’re interested in being a vendor at one of her events please email
And provide a description of your small business, include photos of what you hope to sell, and tell her a little about yourself! Her markets are almost always juried and focused on high quality, hand made, and local.

Here's a look at a few upcoming Markets!

Bandon Dunes Artisan Market
57744 Round Lake Rd, Bandon, OR
Friday, May 3rd, 2024 4pm - 8pm
Coos Bay Farmer's Market
Downtown Coos Bay
Every Wednesday starting May1st, 9am - 2pm
Langlois Artisan Market
Langlois Cheese Factory, Langlois, OR
Aug 31st, Sept 1st, from 11am - 3pm
Dragonfly Farm & Nursery Marketplace
49295 Highway 101, Langlois, OR
May 12th, June 9th, Aug 11th, Sept 8th from 11am- 3pm
Bandon Farmers' & Artisan Market
Bandon Fisheries Warehouse
250 1st St SW, Bandon, OR
Every Fri & Sat, Starts May 17th - Mid Dec
Gold Beach Artisan Market
Event Center on the Beach
29392 Ellensburg Ave
May 4th, 9am- 3pm
Art on the Coast Brookings
Port of Brookings Harbor in Oregon
August 3-4, 2024 Event hours Sat 10-5 and Sun 10-4
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