2023 BAAA Sponsored Open Show at Pony Village Mall

2023 BAAA Sponsored Open Show at Pony Village Mall

The 2023 show was held August 2nd through the 6th and we had 31 participants, 14 BAAA members and 17 non-members with a total of 73 works submitted. 

Dutch Mostert, our experienced and knowledgeable judge, spent considerable time looking at each artist's work multiple times. It was a difficult task since we were awarding ribbons in each of the media categories and dividing them between advanced and novice artists.  Dutch chose Judy Caldwell's "Blue Mood" as Best of Show. 

The People's Choice Award was given to Wendy Whitaker for her oil painting "Jumpin' Joy". Viewers enjoyed the emotion in the stance and expression of the pup enjoying his leap for the ball. 

Many thanks to all the people who worked hard and gave their time to put the show together. Our work crew for receiving and hanging the submissions consisted of Deloris Beneke, Judy Caldwell, Wendy Whitaker, Nadine Allen, Archi Davenport, and Christine Branson.  Carol Hanlon collected the information regarding the artists and their artwork and made identifying tags to go with each piece.  

Throughout the show, other workers included these same workers along with Jean Boynton, Tricia Hayden, Sam Greer, Sally Rolicheck, John Reis, Joan and Rick Goodman Fox, and David Johnson. 

I would like to mention how helpful the staff at Pony Village Mall were. They went out of their way to accommodate our needs in providing tables, chairs, display boards, and toting heavy items around. 

Thank you to all the artists, our juror and all the worker bees that made this show a success. 

At the end of this fundraiser, BAAA deposited $520.00 through Artist fees and $68.00 from sales of 3 artworks (sellers were Deloris Beneke, Alison Sheck, and Jean Boynton) for a total of $588.00. 

    - Nadine Archer Allen, Show Chair 

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